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Enjoy the relaxing new video!

Enjoy the relaxing new video!

Summit to Sea

Ian's brand new release offers the listener a soothing five minute micro vacation. The hypnotic grooves with Ian’s mesmerising guitar lines gently wash away the stresses of our modern world and leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised.

Also featured as a deeply relaxing HD music video, Summit to Sea follows the gathering waterways in the mountains at Australia’s highest point and the eventful journey made to the stunning coastline many miles away.

"It was a wonderful experience producing and editing the Summit to Sea video. Once the music was completed, I was looking forward to the challenge of capturing the footage to accompany it. I had the idea of tracing the waterways from their origin in the Australian Alps to the beautiful coastline several hundred kilometres away.

Australia’s alpine region is a stunning part of our country and an ecological treasure in a largely hot continent. One of the many things that amazed me was seeing little fish in some of the rock pools at high altitude. It was amazing due to the fact that in the winter months the same location was under several metres of snow!

The environment was pristine and inspiring. Equally beautiful in their own way were the coastal regions to the east where the waterways finally met the ocean. The sea life was abundant and surprising as you’ll see in the video.

The process of editing the footage I found to be profoundly hypnotic and I was drawn into a deep state of peace working with the footage hour after hour. I hope you enjoy the music and the video and I hope it provides you with the same peace and tranquility that I experienced creating it."    Warm wishes, Ian