Seventh Heaven CD
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Seventh Heaven

Irresistibly smooth, this exquisite rich album of mesmerising moods offers seamless flow of velvety sax, piano, keyboards and entrancing rhythms drenched with Ian's fluid, graceful guitar styles. Seventh Heaven offers a musical haven that floods you with warmth and deep relaxation - a harmonic balm to soothe the soul.

"I was on a flight back to the USA from Australia last year and listened to your Seventh Heaven CD and bought it on iTunes upon landing. Just wanted to say what a cool original sound you have. It really transported me for the flight. I don't usually have the patience to listen to much 'air radio' on planes but this one knocked me out" Jennifer B, USA
"Thank you for your Seventh Heaven CD and the magic you weave through your music. I can't express how much it assists in the healing process of those that work and listen to it" Mette Sorensen, High Spirits retreat

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Track Listing

  1. Spellbound
  2. Seventh Heaven
  3. Velvet Caress
  4. Serene Dream
  5. Midnight Magic
  6. Passion
  7. Deep Mysteries
  8. Irresistible

Total time 58:26