Lunar Reflections CD
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Lunar Reflections

Lunar Reflections has become a classic in its field. It is calming, nurturing and deeply touching. This truly restful recording blends rich acoustic guitar, evocative keyboards and lulling rhythms to create a serene and tranquil atmosphere perfect for relaxation and pure listening pleasure. Lunar Reflections is a must for the collector of beautiful instrumental music.

"Thank you for your beautiful, soothing and truly healing music. Lunar Reflections has been played many hundreds of times at the centre. I use it every time I'm doing healing and never tire of it." Dr Sarah Miller, Bristol Cancer Healing Centre, UK.
"I have just bought Lunar Reflections and it is tremendous. I have to say Will Ackerman now has some serious competition in my CD collection" Greg Rim

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Track Listing

  1. Divine Embrace
  2. A Time to Reflect
  3. The Elf
  4. Cycles of Life
  5. Friends
  6. The Bigger Picture
  7. Joyful Moments
  8. The Gentle Heart
  9. Twin Flame
  10. Lunar Reflections

Total time 57:21