Inner Tides CD
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Inner Tides

Let the waves of relaxation wash over you with the magic of Inner Tides. These deeply inspiring, flowing compositions blend the soothing sounds of the sea with exquisite guitars, restful piano, compelling orchestral arrangements and entrancing rhythms. A great favourite that satisfies many tastes and is highly enjoyable time after time. Allow yourself the peaceful space to drift within and discover the rhythm of your own Inner Tides.

"I was so taken by Inner Tides that I've since bought all your other CDs. Moonstruck is sensational, you play with such depth and emotion - just magnificent. You put such feeling into your music" John H. Australia

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Track Listing

  1. Prelude by the Sea / Moonstruck
  2. Cruising
  3. Yearning
  4. Ebb and Flow
  5. Yuletide
  6. Waves of Love
  7. Invincible
  8. Deep Within
  9. Inner Tides
  10. Fond Memories
  11. Setting Sail / Bay of Balance

Total time 56:30