The Key of Calm

The key of calm offers a mini musical vacation amidst the busyness of modern life.  Featuring the alluring intricacy of Ian’s effortless guitar styles and beautifully layered orchestrations, this album provides a sonic tonic and deeply satisfying source of peace and relaxation. Masterfully blending modern musical elements with Ian’s signature guitar moods, there’s no easier way to recharge and inspire your day than time spent in “The Key of Calm”…

“Every one of your albums is magnificent but I feel 'The Key of Calm' is on a totally different level and, by far, is my absolute favourite! So modern. So 'current'. Bravo, mate. More! More! More!" Alan H, Tasmania

Track Listing

  1. Heart Strings

  2. The Key of Calm

  3. Mystic Minstrel

  4. Rhythm of Peace

  5. Crystal Wilderness

  6. Coming Home*

  7. Summit to Sea

Total time: 40:00

* Featuring Yen Wynddancer on piano


Audio Samples