Sonic Shaman

Sonic Shaman explores an eclectic musical world that’s both compelling listening, yet deeply rejuvenating. Featuring an exotic blend of cinematic soundscapes and exciting blues forays, Ian’s ninth album beckons you to an inner sanctum of sensitively crafted sonic journeys. A guitar lovers paradise, Ian’s signature guitar styles explore everything from the delicate to the profoundly powerful.

“Music is so immediate for taking us ‘somewhere else’, whether it be for 5 minutes or an hour at a time. It’s a gift and a vital ingredient in maintaining balance in a complex world. The musical creators - the sonic shaman’s - give us access to hidden worlds through the transformative power of music and I’m forever grateful to immerse myself in this realm. I’ve had the privilege of carefully crafting Sonic Shaman over the last 12 months and it’s with great pleasure that I can now share it with you too.” Ian

Track Listing

  1. A New Dawn

  2. Diving Deep

  3. Freedom

  4. Let It Slide

  5. Sultan of Soul

  6. Shamanic Blues

  7. Desert Dreaming

  8. Sonic Shaman

Total time: 42:00


Audio Samples