Rhythmist CD
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Enjoy the delights of this relaxing and uplifting album. Rhythmist has a wide appeal with light, refreshing melodies, heartfelt guitar, warm strings, joyful rhythms and a touch of nature's magic with a sprinkling of pure rainforest sounds. Full of enchanting moments, the lighthearted spirit of this popular album adds a positive energy to any situation.

"If this is your first exposure to Ian's magical music, it will be the beginning of a long and fulfilling journey. Enjoy!" Rob Davie.
"Thank you very much for your CD. I have been listening to it all afternoon. It is stunning, as are all your others which I also frequently play. Thanks again and congratulations on another brilliant album." Cheryl B.

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Track Listing

  1. Eternal Journey
  2. Rhythmist
  3. Twilight Serenade
  4. Dawn Awakens
  5. On a Wing
  6. Dancing Light
  7. Soothing Waters
  8. Being With You
  9. Sweet Romance
  10. Enchanted Forest

Total time 50:00